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Subject: “Expression of interest in co-operation for funded EU programs”

The “NGO Erymanthos” is a beneficial – cultural – environmental and nonprofit organization and is established in Athens (Greece).

The organization has a significant experience in preparing proposals for eligibility financed projects, but also in the preparation and implementation of programs on culture, tourism, social economy and development of information systems.

The above programs have been funded from available funds of the European Union.

In addition to the above, the organization has implemented, in cooperation with the municipalities of Athens, Olympia and Kalavryta and Aegio in Greece, projects of social, cultural and green entrepreneurship and also ecotourism and cultural tourism programs. Moreover, there has been an important contribution to the role of the organization in matters of information, advice and support of stakeholders municipalities and local collectives, providing them with the necessary expertise.

Finally, the “NGO Erymanthos” conducts publications of books, magazines and brochures and organizes information seminars for local authorities and investors on issues of social and economic development partnerships.

Based on this experience and the available expertise, “NGO Erymanthos” discloses its interest in finding partners for transnational partnership projects, such as:

  •  Preparatory action “You Guarantee”
  •  Mutual learning in the field of skills and employment EU Sector Skills Councils Restructuring
  •  EUREKA’s Eurostars Programme
  •  COMM/PRG/007 – Actions promoting awareness and debate on economic policy coordination within the European Union
  • The Commission invites European non-governmental environmental organisations to present proposals for operating grants for 2013
    • PP/ENV/SEA 2012 in the framework of the Pilot Project “New Knowledge for an integrated management of human activities in the sea”
  • ENT/CIP/11/C/N02C00 – “Reinforcing procurement of eco-innovation – Network of green public and private procurers”
    • Lifelong Learning Programme
    • FP7-SSH-2013 – Collaborative projects (Large-scale integrated research projects) 
    • FP7-SSH-2013 – Collaborative projects (small or medium-scale focused research projects) as well as coordination and support actions 
    • Information measures relating to the common agricultural policy
    • 3rd Call for project proposal (Strategic Project Proposals)«Greece – Boulgaria 2007-2013»
    • Estonian NGO Fund: call for proposals
    • Open call for cultural exchange projects in Poland
    • Schools’ Initiative for Innovation and Change V

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions, hoping for an effective collaboration.

NGO Erymanthos




Representative of communication:

Kokkotos Athanasios

TEL./FAX: +302108813760, +302108810761

With best regards,

President of NGO Erymanthos